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The new Area9 website is live!

Welcome to the brand new Area9 website. We've completely redesigned and re-built the site from the ground up. It's now faster, easier to navigate and has been completely re-designed.

You can find all the latest news and updates about the store, new improvements, COVID-19-related changes and anything that might impact you in our new posts section.

The store has been re-designed and you can find a large range of products on the new store page. We will be bringing more changes to our store in the coming weeks.

We've also changed the homepage, bringing you all the info you need front and centre, right where you need it.

You can find all info about upcoming education events, workshops and live performances on our new Education page, where Paddy will keep you updated with everything new happening in the education space.

There will be more exciting improvements and changes coming over the coming weeks and months, so keep your eyes pealed, we hope you enjoy the new Area9 web experience.