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As the industry of men’s hairdressing continues to grow, so do we as professionals. Education is key to growth and success and at Area9 we believe in opening our minds to new and better things. You never stop learning.

To fulfill the best that we can be we have to motivate & push ourselves by following the new and ever growing trends that have changed from classic to more modern styles. Our belief and understanding of men’s hairdressing has grown and so has our brand. Our courses are designed to bring out the best in people and help them grow. Each course is specifically designed to help each individual become the best they can be due to the student-educator ratio. Our main objectives are:

  1. Mixing traditional barbering with contemporary hairdressing with a modern structure.
  2. The full breakdown of all the fundamentals dynamic of men’s hair and not just how to cut hair but why we do it.
  3. To understanding shapes, textures, and styles. Giving students full confidence, terminology & technical ability.

We at AREA 9 strive to help one another and our courses will help you achieve your full potential.

Education Events

Eduacation Event Poster Eduacation Event Poster